Our Mission

The mission of Grace Life is simple and clear. It is to tell everyone about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how He can change lives through the power of the Gospel.  We then seek to assimilate new believers into the family of Grace Life so that we can teach them to be followers of Jesus Christ.  This is done through personal discipleship training, personalized care groups, and proper Bible-centered messages.  It is important to come to church, but there must be a purpose once we come.  The ultimate purpose is to bring glory to God, and nothing will accomplish this more than by having our lives surrendered to His teaching.

One of the wonderful ways we present the Gospel around the world is through supporting missionaries by our faith promise offerings.  It is always exciting when we read a letter from one of our missionaries or hear them in person as they give updates about their ministry and tell us how our support has played a part in the lives of people around the world.

Whether it is at home or abroad, Grace Life is seeking to share the Good News that Jesus Saves!