Our Identity

With all of the different types of churches, denominations, and fellowships out there, we want to share with you the identity of Grace Life.  What our church identifies with says a lot about who we are and where we are going.

We Identify Ourselves as Christians.

The word Christian was first used in the Bible to describe those who followed the teachings of Jesus Christ.  While today the word Christian may be over used, we not only use it but live it.  As Christians, we are not only identifying with Jesus Christ, we are saying we are following His teachings.

We Identify Ourselves as a Church. 

When Christ lived here on earth, He promised to start a church, an assembly of like-minded believers.  A church exists for Christ, to bring glory to Christ, and to follow Christ.  While there is no perfect church, we believe that when people are humble and united behind the teachings of Christ, we can accomplish what Christ has asked us to do.

We Identify Ourselves as Baptists. 

Throughout church history, there have been groups of churches that were called by many different names but had certain distinctives that identified them.  Some of these distinctives are that the Bible is the only authority for the church, the church is independent of other authorities, salvation is by grace through faith, baptism is by immersion, and individuals are free to follow God as their conscience dictates.  Eventually, these distinctives and those who followed them were identified as Baptists.  So, we humbly identify ourselves as Baptists, not because of history but because of a belief in Biblical truth.

We Identify Ourselves as Bible Believers. 

Regardless of how names and words change, one thing stands out as our priority - that we identify ourselves as Bible believers.  Because we seek to follow the teachings of the Bible, we are Baptists, we are evangelical, we are Christians, and we are a church.  Our goal is to search the Word of God and then apply the truths we learn to our lives so that we can be humble servants of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  No matter what changes around us, we will believe and follow the Bible because we believe it is the Word of God.