Childrens Ministries

II Timothy 3:15 states, “…that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures…” The mission of our children’s ministries is to teach the Word of God to children so that they develop a love for and a relationship with God.  We strive to provide parents with a Bible-centered program that will support the parents in their responsibility to raise children according to the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Child Discipleship

Each Sunday morning we have children learning the Word of God at a specific pace from 3 years old all the way through 5th grade.  This program is specifically designed to grow the child and to not simply repeat what he has already heard over and over again.  This is the basic format of our children’s disciple program:

1.) 3 years to 4 years – teach them to love Jesus, get used to Bible characters, and learn simple yet powerful stories and verses preparing them for Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2.)K5 to 2nd grade – teach them about creation, God, sin, salvation, obedience, service, and a basic overview of the life of Christ.  We desire to see them develop a love for the Scriptures and the church, and submission to their parents.

3.)3rd grade to 5th grade – teach them about the doctrines of the Bible.  What do we believe and why? Who is God?  How did we get our Bible?  What is salvation?  What is the church? etc.  They will become familiar with God’s creation, man’s fall, God’s redemption, and the purpose for our lives.  Character will be emphasized throughout this period of learning, developing young men and young ladies who are excellent in their behavior.

Children’s Church

We believe the church is made up of the entire assembly and strive to have that assembly together as much as possible.  However, we do realize that some parents desire to have a more age appropriate service for their children.  We have a junior church for  ages three to five and one for grades 1st through 3rd.   This service will resemble everything that takes place in our main service in order to prepare children to assemble with the church as soon as possible.  Some parents may find that their children need less time in junior church or more time; this will be the parent’s decision to make.  Our goal is to show children that our primary purpose at church is to glorify God and learn from His Word.

Wednesday Discipleship

Starting in the fall of 2012 we will have a children’s program that will both mature children and ground them in the Word of God.  This program will include singing, memorization, teaching, and personal devotions.  Stay tuned for more information coming this summer.